David Rodigan ls. Silly Walks ls. Barney Millah ls. Supersonic


Time: December 30, 2022 22:00

Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

Event Type: Live Shows

About Tour

David Rodigan + Supersonic Sound + Silly Walks Discotheque + Barney Millah – Final Dance 2022!
30.12.2022 – Festsaal Kreuzberg
Doors: 22:00
Reggae History Lessons! Thiz DJ needs no further Introduction….Since 40 years, Sir DAVID “Ram Jam” RODIGAN is the most respected Reggae DJ in the world. He exprience the story from the beginning – from Ska to Reggae to Dancehall. His weekly radio show on BBC is legendary.
And that’s not all – Rodigan will meet three of the biggest SoundSystems and DJs outta Germany: SILLY WALKS + SUPERSONIC + BARNEY MILLAH.
Silly Walks known for their toplevel productions and selections / Supersonic known as one of the heaviest Clash+Juggling Sound in Europe and Barney Millah known as the Veteran Selecter outta Berlin.
Simply, the Champions League of Reggae + Dancehall music. Thiz one is a must and thiz one is what we call a #bigdance
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