About Supersonic Sound

Supersonic story

It all started in 1998 when Panza recorded his first set of mixtapes and used the name „Supersonic“ for those.
After a few months, he got the first bookings and during one of these Spider spontaneously grabbed the mic and both decided to continue as a team from there onwards.
In the bubbling late 90’s and early 2000s Supersonic became a household name in the European Reggae scene. From playing the first clash in 2001 with hardly enough dubplates to play for the whole night, they started to be on the musical battle field on a regular basis. Their distinctive and endearing style brought them to all corners of the world, from Africa to Japan, from Trinidad to NYC.
Current team members are Panza, Spider, Chris, Arno & Blender.

Beside Supersonic there are also some side projects. Panza is part of Midnight Drifters together with his long time friend Alex serving 60’s / 70’s Jamaican music from original vinyl. Most of those events are held using the Maratone Long Distance Soundsystem.
Spider is running Superlock Shows together with Tommy Dollar from Berlin’s own City Lock Sound. They promote live shows and parties, most notable are the German Dancehall Queen Contest and the Caribbean Invasion.

Supersonic Press Pictures

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Supersonic Logo

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Supersonic Soundclash track record

  • “Kill Or Be Killed 2001” Supersonic vs. Sentinel vs WadaDa vs Budadub, Cologne – won
  • “The Fight For Glory 2003” Supersonic vs. Soundquake, Stuttgart
  • “Universal 45 Clash 2004” Supersonic vs. Freddie Krueger vs. Jah Sound vs. Dreadbeat, Wuppertal
  • “Riddim Clash 2004” Supersonic vs. Sound Trooper vs. Freddie Krueger vs. One Love , Munich – won
  • “Riddim Clash 2005” Supersonic vs. LP Intl. vs. Caveman vs. Immortal , Munich
  • “Jamaican Bashment 2 2006” Supersonic vs. One Love, Le Mans (FR)- won
  • “Soundclash N’ Direct 2006” Supersonic vs. Heartical , Paris (FR)- won
  • “Kenya Clash 2006” Supersonic vs. L.P. Intl. vs. King Turbo vs. Shashamane , Nairobi – won
  • “Universal Clash 2007” Supersonic vs. Young Hawk , Wuppertal
  • “War Ina East 2007” Supersonic vs. Soundquake – The Rematch , Enschede (NL) – won
  • “War Ina East 2009” Supersonic & Sentinel vs. Poison Dart & Tek 9 , Enschede (NL) – won
  • “Global Clash 2009 – Welcome To The Garrison” Supersonic vs. Black Kat vs. Yardbeat vs. Synemax vs. Tek 9 , Brooklyn, NYC – won
  • “War Ina East 2010” Supersonic vs. Mighty Crown , Ensschede (NL) – won
  • “Global Clash 2010” Supersonic vs. King Addies vs. Black Kat vs. Yardbeat vs. Rootsman, Brooklyn, NYC
  • “World Invasion Warzone 2011” Supersonic vs. King Addies – The Rematch , Antigua – won
  • “War Territory 4 2011” Supersonic vs. Bass Odyssey , Milano (IT)
  • “Global Clash 2011 – Sudden Death” Supersonic vs King Addies vs. Synemax vs. Barrier Free vs. Kosmik Movement , Brooklyn, NYC
  • “King Of Europe 2013” Supersonic vs. Herb-A-Lize It , Vienna, (AT) – won
  • “Keep It Real Clash 2013” Supersonic vs. Komposti vs. Jugglerz , Pfullendorf – won
  • “Caribbean Cup Clash 2013” Supersonic vs. X-Caliber Intl. , Trinidad – won
  • “The Halloween Slaughter 2013” Supersonic vs. Riddem Force vs. Young Hawk vs. One Don vs. Orijahnal Vibes , Brooklyn/NYC – won
  • “Dutty Summer Soundclash 2105” Supersonic vs. Ishence, Calabria (IT)
  • “1,2,3 Badda Dan Clash 2015” , vs. King Addies , Biel (CH)
  • “WFC2” (2019) vs. King Shine, Brooklyn, NYC – won