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Welcome To Our New Website!


We did spend the Corona Time Out to finally upgrade our website, which was a bit outdated over the years.

As you might notice, there is still work in progress, especially in the webshop. At the moment there are only the mixes from the past years available. But we will update almost on a daily base so you will be able to get all the old mixes soon again as well.
The new webshop should be much more convenient to use and the long wait for the new Supersonic mixes is finally over!

And they are extra long this time, around 2,5 hours for each mix. The bad thing about this is, that we decided to not produce CD versions of the mixes anymore. You can still get most of the older mixes on CD format, just check in the product info if this option is available.

And we did add also a little food blog #cookathome which started during the times of #stayathome. It features some nice italian recipes written down by italian friends of mine.


Enjoy the pleasures our new website has to offer for your ears, belly and soul!

Berlin Reggae United Live Stream : Buju Banton Album Release Special

June 26th 2020. Badehaus, Berlin

Dancinar Digital B & Channel One Selection by Panza

In case you missed it, here are the recordings of the Digital B and Channel 1 Vinyl Selections by Panza for the italian Dancinar project which was brought to life during the weeks of lockdown in Italy.


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