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Brand New Dubplate Mix “Addicted To Music”

Here comes our new Dubplate Mix „Addicted To Music“!
Usually we release this annual mix before X-mas, but this time we took some extra time to remaster some dubs that were voiced in the early years of Supersonic and needed some fresh new mix.Some of those dubs we have not played in a long time.
So much memories came back while working on that mix, from the first Luciano and Anthony B dubs voiced in Jamaica 99 to the legendary session with Morgan Heritage & LMS in Berlin 2001, the first time voicing Beres Hammond 2002 at Harmony House…
Special thanks to our engineer VG+ for putting all the passion and work into this project. I guess we are all still „Addicted To Music“ like our good friend Taffari did sing more than 20 years ago.
The CD version of this mix will be available in mid-April 2024, but you can preorder already and get the digital version right away.

Dancehall Vol.52 and Conscious Reggae Vol.52 available now!

With so much good music being released these days it was about time to record a new set of mixes for you.

As usual we did compile our favourite tunes from the past months and put them together on our 2 brand new mixes:


Conscious Reggae Vol.52 „Good & Great“ features new productions of Silly Walks, Protoje, several tracks of the sensational Samory I „Strength“ album, more music by the so talented Jah-Lil and of course the long awaited title track by Lila Ike.
On  Dancehall Vol.52 „Hit & Run“ you will find our favourite tracks of the new Masicka album, several tunes on the updated versions of the GoGo Club & Street Vybz riddims, the Chakka riddim and the title track by Masicka & Shenseea, which is working great at dances already.


The mixes will be on our website exclusive for a few days before they will go up on our Soundcloud channel.


Thank you for your continuous support all over the years!

Dancehall Vol.51 & Conscious Reggae Vol.51 out now!


It has been 25 years that we did start that project by the name of Supersonic by recording the first set of mixtapes with our favourite tunes back in in 1998.

And since then we continue to give you a collection of our favourite tunes at the time in form of mixtapes, cds and nowadays downloads/streams.


Here come the latest edition: Dancehall Vol.51 „Drift“ and Conscious Reggae Vol.51 „Roots and Banner“, featuring our most played tunes since the beginning of 2023.


Enjoy the vibes!


You can also listen to the mixes in a few days on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud channels.

Brand New Dubplate Mix “Late Night Blues”

As we follow the X-Mas tradition of the last years, here comes another Dubplate Mix with some classic Supersonic specials for your listening pleasure.

It features some of our favourite artists like Don Carlos, Johnny Osbourne, Lila Ike and of course, Beres Hammond.

You can listen to it for free on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud channels, but if you want to support you can also buy it in our webshop.


Dancehall Vol.50 & Conscious Reggae Vol.50 released!

Here comes the 50th episode of our mixtape series that we started way back in 1998.


As usual we did select our favourite tunes of the last months and introduce you to some upcoming artists like Tilibop, Jahzi Lee, Hector Roots Lewis, Valiant and Ratigan Era, but also the latest shots by artists like Lila Ike, Busy Signal, Protoje and the chairman of Reggae, Beres Hammond.


Dancehall Vol.50 „Up Deh“ and Conscious Reggae Vol.50 „Hold Yuh Corner“ are available now in our webshop.


To celebrate the 50th episode we decided to put our Supersonic Mix Package on sale until Dec.31st.


You can also listen to the mixes on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud channels, if you want to support us you can also do an subscription on Mixcloud.

Dancehall Vol.49 & Conscious Reggae Vol.49 released!

As restrictions are falling and it is time to play some real dances again, it feels just right to share some of our favourite tunes from the last months with you.


Here comes the latest set of our infamous Supersonic mixes:


Dancehall Vol.49 „Elevate“  &  Conscious Reggae Vol.49 „Wanted (For Playing Rub-A-Dub)“


They feature some new names that created waves over the last months. If you dont know them yet, get used to artists like Jahshii, Silk Boss and Skeng, discover fresh talents like Jahzi Lee, Hector Roots Lewis and MadDawg (all the way from Calabria).


Support the artists and players of instruments by buying / streaming their music and of course attend their shows.

Enjoy the vibes, we are looking forward to see you all soon again inna real life!


P.S. the mixes will be on our website exclusively for a few days, then we will also add them to our Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Make sure to follow us on those accounts to get notifications when they are uploaded there.

Brand New Dubplate Mix “Respect For You”

It already became a little tradition for us to release a dubplate mix for the Holiday Season, and here comes the latest edition :

„Respect For You“

Once again we did include some of our favourite dubs that you might not have heard before.

From Don Carlos to Bunny Wailer to the mighty Beres Hammond, they all come together on this mix to praise their favourite sound, Supersonic 🙂

You can listen the mix for free on our website, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. But if you want to support us you can also buy it in our webshop as download or CD (preorder only at the moment)

Dancehall Vol.48 & Conscious Reggae Vol.48 released!

It has been more than a year since we released some new Supersonic mixes. We have been quite active playing online on our Twitch channel and since a few weeks for Nice Up Radio. But still a compilation of our favourite tunes since the last mix in 2020 was missing. Until now!

If you plan to do a long travel for summer vacation, here comes your soundtrack:

Around 5 hours in total, combined in our new Dancehall Vol.48 „Torpedo“ and Conscious Reggae Vol.48 „Heartbreak Anniversary“ mixes.

There have been many new names coming up in the music biz over the last 1,5 years. Check out personal favourites of us, like Rik Jam, Prince Levy, Eesah, Yaksta, Nation Boss, 10Tik and Rytikal.

Skillibeng, who was featured already on our 2020 mixes, did rise to international stardom since then. Check out the Supersonic Specials of „Crocodile Teeth“ and „Torpedo“, the latter being the title track for the new Dancehall mix.
Enjoy the musical ride!


P.S. the mixes will be on our website exclusively for a few days, then we will also add them to our Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Make sure to follow us on those accounts to get notifications when they are uploaded there.

Brand New Dubplate Mix “Worries Ina Dance”

Last christmas we gave you some dubs and this crazy next year we do it again…
Let us cheer you up a bit at the ending of this crazy 2020.
We released the „Still Will Be Heaven“ dubmix last year for X-mas and we do it again with „Worries Ina Dance“. This one includes some classic Supersonic dubs that you might not have heard in a while, but also features some dubs that we never played before.
For the first time you can listen to a Gentleman dub we voiced in 98, the files seemed to be lost for years but eventually we got hold of them. It also includes 2 Frankie Paul dubs from our very first session.
Enjoy those tunes the same way like we do.
Stay strong and healthy, we see you all inna real life hooefully soon again with less worries but more dances!
Special big up to Mr. Mark for the artwork and VG+ & Bommitommi for the great studio work over the last year!
“Worries Ina Dance” on Soundcloud
“Still Will Be Heaven” on Soundcloud
P.S.: Both mixes are now also in our webshop if you want to support us. The downloadlink includes a tracked and a singletracked version of the mix in 320kps.
The CD option is a pre-order, we will produce and ship them in mid-January 2021, but you will receive the download link right away.

Welcome To Our New Website!


We did spend the Corona Time Out to finally upgrade our website, which was a bit outdated over the years.

As you might notice, there is still work in progress, especially in the webshop. At the moment there are only the mixes from the past years available. But we will update almost on a daily base so you will be able to get all the old mixes soon again as well.
The new webshop should be much more convenient to use and the long wait for the new Supersonic mixes is finally over!

And they are extra long this time, around 2,5 hours for each mix. The bad thing about this is, that we decided to not produce CD versions of the mixes anymore. You can still get most of the older mixes on CD format, just check in the product info if this option is available.

And we did add also a little food blog #cookathome which started during the times of #stayathome. It features some nice italian recipes written down by italian friends of mine.


Enjoy the pleasures our new website has to offer for your ears, belly and soul!

Berlin Reggae United Live Stream : Buju Banton Album Release Special

June 26th 2020. Badehaus, Berlin

Dancinar Digital B & Channel One Selection by Panza

In case you missed it, here are the recordings of the Digital B and Channel 1 Vinyl Selections by Panza for the italian Dancinar project which was brought to life during the weeks of lockdown in Italy.


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