Capital Clash Berlin vs. Paris – Supersonic & City Lock vs. Soul Stereo & Guiding Star


Time: April 07, 2023 23:59

Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

Event Type: Live Shows

About Tour


On Saturday the 3rd of April 2021 we’ll finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since the world has gone mad too fast and veering in the wrong direction, there is only one way back to the glorious days – the return to originality! Here we go with the most promising line-up on a European soundclash stage you can think of right now:


Berlin vs. Paris “Capital Clash”


Soul Stereo & Guiding Star
(Team Paris)


Supersonic & City Lock
(Team Berlin)




Four of the most experienced, loaded and clash-willing sounds are ready to lock horns and go all out, so you can be the ones to bestow the title of “Capital City of Soundclash” to Berlin by judging this historical event.
Don’t miss this first night, as we’ve all been waiting far too long for the shutdown to end and look forward to experience a move towards normality for the club scene in Berlin. People can’t wait to witness a big night full of music like this, but please keep in mind that safety restrictions will most likely still only allow for a limited amount of guests in the near future. So secure your tickets now!


To make this a truly memorable musical experience, we booked the biggest and acoustically best endowed venue for part 1, the Festsaal Berlin-Kreuzberg. We’re looking forward to stage part 2 in France at a later date. So plan some free days in Berlin, as we will provide some other wicked events for lovers of reggae & dancehall music over this long weekend.